Natural champagne in Paris

Champagne in Paris

Champagne in Paris hasn’t always been great. Parisians are even said to add ice to their champagne, which is code for “I don’t give a damn.” Fortunately, many Parisians do know how to treat champagne well. Especially the bars and restaurants that serve natural champagne! Below are some of my favourites.


Great bistro that is very popular among les Champenois themselves. Their champagne menu is as exciting as their dishes, containing Cédric Bouchard, Aurélien Lurquin and the expressive creations by Emilien Feneuil. If you want to drink champagne in Paris, then go here.

Restaurant Parcelles| 13 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris|
Tel. +33 143 37 91 64|


True, Mokonuts is a go-to place for food and natural wine, not natural champagne per se. Owner Moko is a good friend of Au Bon Manger’s Aline Serva, though, and her passion for natural champagne is real. Together with her partner Omar, she runs a small restaurant in Rue Saint-Bernard. It’s so freaking good that I once rescheduled my flight just to have lunch there. Moko is very knowledgable on natural wine production and is a frequent Champagne visitor. If you go there (which I think you should), Moko will tell you all about her take on wine and champagne while serving Michelin quality dishes and award winning cookies.

Café Mokonuts| 5 Rue Saint-Bernard, 75011 Paris
Tel. +33 9 80 81 82 85|