Natural champagne in Amsterdam

Champagne in Amsterdam

Champagne comes from Champagne. But thanks to trucks, airplanes and trains, there are many opportunities to enjoy champagne worldwide. However, where there’s tons of shops and restaurants selling the usual suspects like Veuve and Moët, finding natural champagne hotspots is slightly more difficult. That’s why on this page, I’ve listed my favourite addresses in Amsterdam that serve organic and biodynamic champagne. Scroll down and start exploring! Found a natural champagne hotspot in Amsterdam yourself? Let me know and I’ll add it for you.

Café de Klepel

My absolute favourite natural champagne hotspot is Café de Klepel (meaning clapper, the striker of a bell) in the Prinsenstraat in Amsterdam. This café and restaurant is the go-to place for the best chefs in town, as de Klepel offers French bistro food, great ambiance and a list of French wines and champagnes that will blow your mind. All staff members are wine pros and gladly join the wine conversations at your table, while carefully pre-tasting the bottle you selected. They’ll tell you stories on the house, the vineyards, the production process and the characters of the producers themselves, and everything else you’d like to know about the content of your glass. Absolutely fantastic.

The champagne list is impressive, including Selosse (both Jacques and Guillaume), Bérèche et Fils, Marie Courtin, Ulysse Collin, Diebolt-Vallois, Jacques Lassaigne and De Sousa.

Café De Klepel | Prinsenstraat 22 | 1015 DD Amsterdam
Tel. 020 – 623 82 44|


This atmospheric Amsterdam café is another chef’s favourite, as the food is simple and the wine list is long. As for the Zoldering dishes, there’s oysters and paté, but also smokey oxheart cabbage from the barbecue. Then there’s a variety of cheeses that are to die for, and of course, apple pie. But the wine list is their pride and joy, and rightly so. Think Pascal Agrapart (Terroirs and Avizoise) Ulysse Colin, Emmanuel Brochet, both Guillaume and Jacques Selosse and Bérêche & Fils. It’s a true natural champagne feast in the heart of Amsterdam, which is a rarity. Go check them out!

Café Zoldering| Utrechtsestraat 141H| 1017 VM Amsterdam
Tel. 020 765 1212|

Restaurant 4850

Another great catch is restaurant 4850: a small, modern place in southeast Amsterdam. Asian chef Túbo Logier works his magic in the open kitchen, creating a 7 course menu of fine fusion dishes.

The champagne menu is both long and impressive, and the sommelier is a massive champagne fan himself (which really helps). 4850 has a large collection of Charles Dufour and Rose de Jeanne champagne (by Cédric Bouchard), and what’s really interesting is that they also serve the lesser known (but mighty) Olivier Horiot. Another awesome champagne is Les Beguines Extra Brut 2012 by Jérôme Prévost, which is non-dégorgée. We first thought it meant to say “unfiltered”, but the sommelier told us the champagne actually still contained the dead yeast cells that are normally removed through the disgorgement. The champagne tasted very good, but I did feel sick the day after. Clearly, dead yeast cells don’t agree with me. I would do it again, though, so don’t let my story hold you back ;-).

Restaurant 4850| Camperstraat 48-50| 1091 AH Amsterdam
Tel. 020 786 1041|


Started in 2020, Parlotte quickly became a French oasis in the Amsterdam city district de Jordaan. Serving oysters, cheese, charcuterie and a fine menu du jour, there’s always a reason to drop by. Their list of natural champagnes is quite fabulous too, including Pascal Agrapart and the aforementioned Jacques Selosse. Staff is knowledgable on everything they serve, and the dresses and red lipstick of the two female owners create a Parisian vibe that you’ll love.

Café Parlotte | Westerstraat 182 | 1015 MR Amsterdam
Tel. 06 25305030|