The best hotels in Champagne

After a long day of champagne drinking, nothing is better than a luxury suite with rain showers and piles of pillows. Lucky for you, hotels in Champagne are a treat! Well, at least my favourites are. Check them out below.

1. Le Royal Champagne – Champillon

Although rather expensive, I highly recommend staying at Hotel Le Royal Champagne. “Perfection” is probably the best way to describe this Champagne hotspot, with its crystal chandelier, flickering lights and terrace that overlooks the golden vines. I like their breakfast particularly, as it’s a menu instead of a buffet. This means the staff will serve you perfect scrambled eggs, pancakes or yoghurt at your table, instead of you having to assemble an incoherent mess on your plate. That’s what I call luxury.

Address9 Rue de la République, 51160 Champillon, France
Telephone nr.+33 3 26 52 87 11

2. Les Avisés – Avize

I’ve listed Les Avisés as one of my favourite restaurants, but it’s actually also one of my favourite hotels. With only ten rooms, the intimate and luxurious Selosse-owned villa makes for the perfect getaway. The staff welcomes you like a long-lost friend, the rooms are homy yet classy, and you’re only meters away from the incredible restaurant where Stéphane Rossillon cooks you both dinner and breakfast. I also recommend taking a walk (or even a jog if you’re up for it) through the area of Avize, where you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the vineyards.

Address59 Rue de Cramant, 51190 Avize, France
Telephone nr. +33 3 26 57 70 06

3. Le 25 bis by Leclerc-Briant – Epernay

I stayed at Le 25 when I joined a masterclass by Hervé Jestin, chef de cave at Leclerc Briant. It seemed only right to stay at the Leclerc-Briant-owned hotel at the Avenue de Champagne. And oh it was! I stayed in the romantic and spheric Room No 3., which has its very own library filled with French classics. The staff lets you pick one of the books and take it home as a souvenir, which is a very nice touch. Breakfast is great here too, and is served with a glass of Leclerc-Briant’s go-to champagne “Brut Réserve” (which is very tasty yet not the best they have). Also: don’t skip their shop on the street side of the villa, where you can find out all about the Leclerc-Briant brand.

Address25 bis Avenue de Champagne, 51200 Épernay, France
Telephone nr. +33 3 26 56 40 70

4. La Caserne Chanzy – Reims

Facing the majestic cathedral of Reims, this hotel comes highly recommended. La Caserne opened its doors in 2019, in a building that used to be a fire station. The rooms are spacious yet comfy, the staff is welcoming, and breakfast at their restaurant La Grande Georgette is very nice too. In this hotel, I had the biggest laugh of 2020 when I overheard an American woman say she just came back from visiting a certain champagne producer who, so she said, made better champagne than Veuve (Cliquot). I love it when people discover champagne!

Address18 Rue Tronsson Ducoudray, 51100 Reims, France
Telephone nr. +33 3 26 83 18 18