Review- Legrand-Latour

Did you know that Champagne terroir is bursting with fossil seashells? In the so-called eocene period, most of the region was part of a tropical (!) ocean that covered the north-east of France. Although this was 56 to 33.9 million years ago,

Review- Nowack

A new rockstar has entered the champagne stage and his name is Flavien Nowack. Everywhere I went, people mentioned his name: Aline of Au Bon Manger, David Léclapart, his partner in crime Ale Muchada, Niek the sommelier of the Klepel, and the

Review- Aurélien Lurquin

Great champagne is made in the vineyard, not in the cellar. It’s something the greatest of great natural champagne producers seem to all agree on. One is Aurélien Lurquin, a champagne producer in Romery in Valée de la Marne. When I first

Review- Thomas Perseval

Honey. Melted honey. That’s what I think about when I hear the name Thomas Perseval. I first tasted his champagne Le Village in Au Bon Manger (where else, seriously) and the world around me just disappeared. That’s usually a sign of extremely

Review- Marie and Olivier Horiot

“Le sol est roi!” (= the soil is king). That’s the motto of Marie and Olivier Horiot, who only needed to make one Soléra to turn me into a fan. And even though I’ve only tasted two of their champagnes, I’m officially

Review- Marie Courtin

‘Here, try this.’ Our waiter is back and pops the cork of a champagne bottle. As he fills up our glasses, I get a glimpse of the black and white label. Marie Courtin, Résonance. ‘You are going to love this,’ our waiter

Review- David Léclapart

Living legend David Léclapart was introduced to me in my first year as a natural champagne enthusiast. It was the first day I stepped into my boyfriend’s apartment, which is now my home too. From the moment I took my first sip

Review- Leclerc Briant

When you say “Leclerc Briant”, you say “Hervé Jestin”. The Bretagne-born chef de cave is known for his unconventional ways of making champagne and unique experiments; Abyss probably the most sensational example. Abyss is transported to Bretagne, where the champagne is put

Review- Pascal Agrapart

If natural champagne was a card game, Pascal Agrapart would have the best hand. Located in prime location la Côte des Blancs in Avize, he owns some of the oldest vineyards of the region (average vine age is +40 years!). Although focused

Review- Jacques Selosse

Oh, Jacques Selosse champagne! I find it really hard to put my love for this cult brand into words. I will, though. The Selosse family is the perfect natural champagne example, as they’re all about terroir, non-interference and experimentation. In fact, Anselme