What is biodynamic champagne?

Everything you’ve read about organic champagne also goes for biodynamic champagne. However, biodynamic growers take it one step further by thinking of the vineyard, our planet and the cosmos as living organisms. Their movement started at the beginning of the twentieth century.

What is organic champagne?

Organic and biological are one and the same thing. When champagne growers work organically, they don’t use pesticides or artificial fertilisers in the vineyard. They nurture the soil the natural way, for example, through green manures and organic compost. Organic champagne growers

Natural champagne philosophies

Natural champagne is an umbrella term for organic and biodynamic champagne. And although these words both sound very natural, they aren’t the same thing. Organic champagne producers stay away from herbicides and pesticides and use only natural products to nurture the vines