Mokonuts in Paris is worth a 2-hour detour

Paris is not exactly Champagne territory. But hear me out. When you go to Rue Saint Bernard, you’ll find Mokonuts: a restaurant by Omar and Moko, who could easily be the twin sister of Au Bon Manger’s Aline Serva.

Natural champagne in Paris

Champagne in Paris hasn’t always been great. Parisians are even said to add ice to their champagne, which is code for “I don’t give a damn.” Fortunately, many Parisians do know how to treat champagne well. Especially the bars and restaurants that

Natural champagne in Amsterdam

Champagne comes from Champagne. But thanks to trucks, airplanes and trains, there are many opportunities to enjoy champagne worldwide. However, where there’s tons of shops and restaurants selling the usual suspects like Veuve and Moët, finding natural champagne hotspots is slightly more

Best breakfast spots in Champagne

Breakfast in champagne is my second favourite thing to do after, well, drinking natural champagne. Stepping outside your hotel and walking to a lovely little café gives your champagne trip that little extra, especially when you’re treated to delicate pastry and good

The best hotels in Champagne

After a long day of champagne drinking, nothing is better than a luxury suite with rain showers and piles of pillows. Lucky for you, hotels in Champagne are a treat! Well, at least my favourites are. Check them out below. 1. Le

The best wine shops in Champagne

When it comes to natural champagne, wine shops and delis are your friend. Natural champagne makers don’t produce thousands of bottles like the big houses do, which is why they don’t sell their products to anyone who comes along. Therefore, it can

The best restaurants in Champagne

Restaurants in Champagne- I love ’em! As star chef Michael Nizzero pointed out, dining in Champagne is something else. Chefs pay a lot of attention to the champagne menu, and natural champagne is often well represented as just like local ingredients, they