Rendez-Vous champagne conquers young America

It’s November 2020 when I receive a message from Fiona Perrin on Instagram. “Hello, happy to connect! I’m super surprised to see someone else promoting natural champagne!” Fiona tells me she owns a champagne business that sells and promotes natural champagne in

A morning with Pascal Agrapart

I clearly remember my first natural champagne. It was at the end of 2014, in brasserie la Banque in Épernay . My table companion asked me if I’d ever had great champagne, and like any other normal person, I replied: “Don’t bother, I

Hervé Jestin of Leclerc Briant talks biodynamic champagne

After the first kick of alcohol, that’s when biodynamic champagne magic hits hard. Within seconds, you remember all the other times you had great champagne. Instantly, you feel deeply grateful for natural winemakers, grapes and life itself. Sounds spacey and unreal? Not

Mastering champagne with Guillaume Selosse

This is a story for everyone who thinks that champagne is an overpriced, acidic beverage you’re supposed to sip on New Year’s Eve. I feel you, because I used to feel the same way. But then, there was Jacques Selosse. And Anselme Selosse. And